Keep Griffith Park Wild: Stop the Hollywood Sign Aerial Tram

Keep Griffith Park Wild: Stop the Hollywood Sign Aerial Tram

Griffith Park in Los Angeles is one of the largest urban parks in North America, and arguably one of the wildest. Here’s how you can help keep it that way.

Griffith Park has long served as a haven for both hikers and wildlife alike, including the famous P-22 mountain lion. This public space is free and open to all, no matter their economic status or outdoor experience.

While some development exists around the outskirts of Griffith Park (such as the LA Zoo, Greek Theater, and Griffith Observatory), the vast, wild middle of the park is relatively untouched. Now, a proposal for an aerial tram threatens to change that.

An aerial tram cutting through the middle of Griffith Park to the Hollywood Sign, along with plans for a visitor center and viewing platform at the top of Mount Lee near the sign, would irreversibly harm the largely natural landscape. It would create an overwhelming influx of visitors to quieter areas of the park that have been painstakingly preserved, altering wildlife patterns and adding new fire dangers to a very dry section of the Santa Monica Mountains.

A mechanical aerial tram speeding above hikers also flies in the face of the park’s mission. Griffith Park has been preserved because in 1896, Colonel Griffith donated the Park to the citizens of Los Angeles as “a place of recreation and rest for the masses.” By creating a ticketed-only attraction in the middle of a city park, this aerial tram would turn this very public space that is intended for all Angelenos, into a park for only those who can afford it.

We count on every Angeleno to help preserve our green spaces for all to enjoy. Join the petition to stop the Hollywood Sign Aerial Tram, and keep Griffith Park wild:

For more information, check out this resolution from the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter to officially oppose any aerial tram in Griffith park.

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